Heat takes a toll on your vehicle


Just like summer’s heat can wear us down, it takes a toll on your vehicle too. Your car’s cooling system, battery, transmission and even your tires are affected by extreme summer heat.

Preventive maintenance can help keep your vehicle running smoothly as the thermometer reaches near triple digits. Here are some of the most common issues and things you can do to help prevent them:

  • Battery
    Just like winter’s cold is hard on your battery, the same is true for summer’s heat. High temperatures accelerate your battery’s chemical operation and cause its internal fluids to evaporate more quickly. Make sure your battery is clean and have it checked at regular intervals to ensure it is properly holding a charge.
  • Cooling System
    Your cooling system keeps your vehicle running at the optimal temperature for performance and efficiency. Extreme heat puts even more pressure on the cooling system to keep your car from overheating. Make sure your fluids are at proper levels and have your cooling system flushed at regular intervals based on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Transmission
    Your transmission is full of moving parts, and transmission fluid is critical for keeping all those moving parts lubricated properly. Like motor oil, transmission fluid degrades over time and use. Replace your transmission fluid regularly according to manufacturer recommendations. Vehicles used for many stop-and-go activities, those used to pull trailers or those used in extreme conditions may need more frequent transmission fluid flushes.
  • Tires
    Summer pavement is usually even hotter than the air temperature, and this added heat increases stress on your tires, particularly if they have any deficiencies such as tread cracks or bald spots. Proper inflation is also critical because an underinflated tire will get even hotter, which could lead to other problems. Make sure your tire pressure is correct and have your tires inspected regularly for proper tread depth and to ensure there aren’t deficiencies in the tires.

Plaza Tire Service can help make sure your vehicle is in top shape for summer. Stop by any location for a free tire inspection. See our Coupons page for special offers for transmission or radiator flushes as well as our Smart Driver Package.