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Falken Sincera ST80 Buy 3 Get 1 FREE

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Valid July 8- 31, 2024.
Purchase three in-stock Falken Sincera ST80 tires and get the fourth tire FREE. Offer is valid on in-stock Falken Sincera ST80 tires. Cannot be combined with any other coupon, offer, discount or promotion. No rainchecks. No carryouts. See store forcomplete details.

General Information

Plaza Tire Service is proud to carry a full-line of Falken tires including those highlighted on this webpage. Our staff members have been trained by Falken representatives to understand the benefits, advantages and application of Falken products to meet drivers’ needs. If you are interested in any Falken products not listed here, Plaza Tire Service communicates directly with Falken to place special orders for quick-turnaround delivery. Start shopping for your new Falken tires here with a free tire quote! Click “Submit” at the end of your tire quote to receive $20 off your next set of Falken tires!

Falken Tire Types

Falken Rubitrek A/T

The Falken Rubitrek all-terrain tire is ready for adventure, any time and any weather. The Rubitrek A/T provides a balance of aggressive off-road ability and rugged terrain driving along with an exceptional ride on the pavement. The optimized tread design combined with silica tread compound provide long-lasting wear along with performance in rain and snow.

Falken Sincera ST80

Specifically designed to provide class-leading durability, all-season performance and ride comfort, the SINCERA ST80 All-Season truly delivers. Using Falken’s proprietary Dynamic Range Technology (DRT), the ST80 ensures maximum grip at a wider range of operating temperatures for exceptional dry and wet traction. Strategically placed tread blocks balance harmonics to reduce tire noise for an impressively quiet ride.

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

The WILDPEAK A/T3W is engineered for adventure, any time and in any weather. The A/T3W combines aggressive off-road ability and rugged terrain driving without compromise on the pavement. An optimized tread design combined with a silica tread compound enable the A/T3W to excel in three areas: wear, winter, and wet performance. Designed for severe snow conditions, every A/T3W tire is qualified by USTMA and TRAC for the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) symbol.

Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail

The WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL is built for adventure, delivering rugged off-road capability without compromise on the open road. Engineered to match the dynamic characteristics of modern crossovers, the A/T TRAIL strikes the perfect balance between aggressive off-road traction and dependable all-weather performance. Featuring USTMA’s Severe Snow Rating, the WILDPEAK A/T TRAIL encourages adventure-seeking crossover owners to discover true all-weather capability.

Falken Wildpeak H/T02

The WILDPEAK H/T02 redefines the Highway Terrain tire, delivering industry-leading performance and durability all year long. Featuring rigid tread blocks and a rugged upper sidewall, the H/T02 is built to meet and exceed the demands of today’s pickup truck drivers, from construction site activities to towing and hauling duties. After rigorous tests using the latest ¾-ton diesel pickups, all LT-size offerings of the WILDPEAK H/T02 earned an “HD” badge on the tire’s sidewall, highlighting the Heavy Duty construction with which these tires were built.

Falken Wildpeak M/T

Trusted by the pros to take on the harshest conditions, the tough WILDPEAK M/T tire is built to get you there and back whether you’re on the pavement, mud, snow or rocks. An aggressive upper sidewall provides additional traction at low air pressures on rugged terrain. The WILDPEAK M/T also features exceptional road manners thanks to an optimized variable three-pitch tread pattern and precision manufacturing technology.

Falken Wildpeak R/T

Developed for lifted trucks, SUVs, and high-powered diesel pickups, the Falken WILDPEAK R/T sets a new standard for the rugged terrain tire category. Featuring the ultimate hybrid terrain tread pattern, the WILDPEAK R/T provides the tenacious off-road traction of an M/T while retaining the tread life and stability expected from an A/T. Built to deliver an ideal combination of traction, durability, and longevity, the Wildpeak R/T is the tire of choice for those who spend as much time on the road as they do on the rocks. Whether you’re towing, hauling, working, or crawling, modern heavy-duty pickups need tires designed to work hard. Get the job done with the WILDPEAK R/T.

Falken ZIEX CT60

The Falken ZIEX CT60 All-Season tire, specifically designed for modern crossover utility vehicles, provides a combination of long tread life and all-weather safety. The Falken ZIEX CT60 is designed to accommodate the ride height of modern crossover platforms that would otherwise be sacrificed by tires developed for passenger cars or pickups. The crossover-specific tire construction ensures the tire footprint is always firmly in contact with the road, providing optimal handling, stability and defense against rough weather conditions and other obstacles.

Falken ZIEX S/TZ05

The Falken ZIEX S/TZ05 boasts an all-season performance and comfort for luxury SUV’s and light trucks. The ZIEX S/TZ05’s non-directional tread design promotes maximum tread life, and its special tread design and staggered shoulder grooves deliver a smooth, quiet ride. It is available for 18-24 inch SUV and LT applications.

Falken ZIEX ZE960 A/S

The versatile ZIEX ZE960 A/S delivers exceptional performance and responsive handling in any condition. Flask Siping provides enhanced hydroplaning resistance and wet weather grip throughout the life of the tire, while Canyon Groove technology enhances snow traction without disrupting a smooth ride. Designed to match the performance attributes of today’s premium coupes and sedans, the ZIEX ZE960 A/S delivers confidence and control behind the wheel.