Nokian Brand Tires

General Information

Tires are the only thing standing between a vehicle and the road making them an enormous safety factor when driving. Nokian Tyres has spent the past 70 years focusing on the research and development of new tires for advancement of driving safety.  Nokian spends approximately two to four years to develop and test a new passenger tire before making it available for sale.  The standard in which Nokian develops its tires is to create a tire that can handle the world’s harshest winters so that its performance in all other circumstances will be raised as well.  Its tires must also follow this principle as the tread pattern wears over time so it maintains its safety performance throughout the tire’s life.

Nokian also integrates environmental friendliness into some of its tire models.  Tires like the eNTYRE 2.0 are manufactured with low rolling resistance compounds so they face less resistance against the road.  Less resistance results in a vehicle that operates more efficiently and reduced fuel consumption for the driver.

By implementing exceptional safety features, consistent performance in all weather conditions and low rolling resistance features, Nokian provides drivers with a truly reliable, useful tire and a great value for their dollar.

Plaza Tire Service is proud to carry a full line of Nokian.  Its staff members have been trained by Nokian representatives to understand the benefits, advantages and application of Nokian products to meet drivers’ needs.  Some employees have even visited and driven at Nokian’s research and development track in Finland so they could see firsthand how Nokian’s products perform in the world’s harshest winters.

If you are interested in any Nokian products not listed here, Plaza Tire Service communicates directly with Nokian to place special orders for turnaround delivery in a very short period of time.  Start shopping for your new Nokian tires here with a free tire quote!  Click “Submit” at the end of your tire quote to receive $20 off your next set of Nokian tires!

Nokian Tires In Stock

Plaza Tire Service stocks the following Nokian Tyres on a regular basis.  Nokian Tyres not listed here can be special ordered and delivered within a few short days to the Plaza Tire Service of your choice.  In stock Nokian Tyres include:  eNTYRE 2.0, WRG3, zLine, G2, Hakkapeliitta LT, Hakkapeliitta R, Hakkapeliitta R SUV, HT SUV, Vatiiva A/T, Vatiiva H/T, Vatiiva M/T, WRG3 SUV, Z SUV, Nordman SUV, Rotiiva A/T, Rotiiva H/T and Hakka C.